10 maggio 2016

My artistic production is the result of a modus operandi, which is based on different non-hierarchicalised elements: world fragments, cameras, digital and analogical post-production, paper. Everything is involved in a productive dis(continuous) process in order to give to every image a uniform and complete density.
From the beginning to the end of the process I am driven by a rigorous indiscipline. The method is just a way to the final result.
This is true of the single images as well as the books.
I do not think of images as a reproductions of reality, as “altered” as it may be. I create new pieces of reality, which then interact with reality itself. Through my work I do not try to communicate to humanity, to my fellow human beings, but to reality as a whole, and I want the things I produce to be “things among things” and that they become works of art only when they deeply interact with reality.
I tear the world into pieces and deconstruct, rebuild, dismantle its fragments, without ever losing faith that what I produce is already in the world, though in another form, as a potential. I unfold the powers hidden in the world. I consider my work as unfolded potentials. I do not create ex nihilo, out of nothing. In the real world, I create discontinuities with the pieces of reality deployed.

Urbanautica .  “DFTOBSS”
Cartabianca . “Parte del discorso”
Vulgaris Magazine . “Hide”
Yogurt Magazine . “Serpents and silence”
C41 Magazine . “The delicate silence of the world”

Mucho Mas, Torino, Italy

Cesura Publish

Uncertain Magazine . “Kafkaesque”
Cesura Fanzine #00
Fanzine (Cesura) #01
Fanzine (Cesura) #00

Luca Baioni (1984) was born in Milan.
Phone: +39 3471113270