17 Giugno 2021

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Mlasiuxhpesromid: deathing developments in late 18th century.

Mlasiuxhpesromid is an experimental0 digital1 dystopian2 drama3 film4, directed by Luca Baioni, from a screenplay by Luca Baioni & multiprogramming. ARMA9MR-SS 32-bit (1949-1973) presents a film by Luca Baioni MLASIUXHPESROMID
music composed and conducted by Exihibition Poland and the Helmut orchestra production Mirror self-recognitionnn.4–3 edited by Luca Baioni director of photography CDDC Cyber 195 1.6 executive producer x894.0.L written by Luca Baioni & multiprogramming produced by Mucho Mas! artist-run space directed by Luca Baioni